Ugh, do you know how much I disliked waking up this morning and coming into work? Yeah, that much.

But something interesting happened while I was out yesterday. One of the guys that I work with decided to yank my boss’s chain by saying that I was probably over at Mr. Big’s New Company. See, Mr. Big and I aren’t very fond of one another, but that doesn’t seem to really matter, since they keep trying to steal the employees at Current Job away. Anyway, I get back this morning and the Boss says something about Mr. Big’s New Company, and I start joking that if I’d known that rumor was going around, I would have chatted with one of the guys over there (I still talk to a couple of them) and borrowed one of their jackets that are branded all over the place with their new logo.

My boss called me evil. I’m not evil, am I?