No Such Luck

Well, I got turned down for State School Research Center this morning, which doesn’t really surprise me, but it is still a little painful to acknowledge. I do have an interview on Friday, though, with a marketing company. It’s a permanent gig, and within my price range/compensation range, so we’ll see. Sometimes I hate being […]

Party Completed

I’m still in a way recovering from the weekend. Elizabeth’s Birthday went well, even though the majority of the kids that we invited from her school didn’t make it. She took it in stride, though, saying to me that she was kind-of sad that they didn’t come, but it was their loss because they didn’t […]

Avoiding the Issue

I’ve been very Nano-centric lately, I think more than anything to keep my mind off of the fact that I’ve invited absolute strangers with their children over to my house tomorrow. Strangers. In My House. With Children. Yeah, can you tell that my agoraphobia has kicked into high gear by inviting these people to my […]

If Wishes Were Horses

Working at a college makes me jones just a little more to go back to school. Maybe it’s getting confused for a student occasionally, or just overhearing some of the classes that are going on around me on my floor that does it. I do want to go back to school so badly, but I’m […]

Feeling Kinda Random

Yeah for a positive amount in the bank account. I got paid last night, so that means that I can actually go out and buy things for my child’s birthday this weekend. Not a lot, though, as the car payment still must be paid. Will someone come over and finish cleaning my house for me, […]

Ideas, People… Ideas

I need ideas, people. I’ve been trying to find cheap or free activities to have the kids that are coming to Elizabeth’s birthday party do. I’m lost, and I’m broke…. any ideas?


I’m feeling better, other than the regular old sinus crap. Which is probably a good thing, since it’s taking everything in my power to stay conscious today at work. If you take a look to you right, over on the sidebar you’ll see a new button with the great Yoda on it. What the hell […]

Some Good News – and some other stuff

The Good News: My contract got extended again at the HBCU. So, I have a job at least until Thanksgiving. The Not-So-Good News: I’ve not heard anything back from State School Research Center, as they’re still interviewing people. That’s a permanent gig, so I almost wish that one had come through before I got the […]

One Day

I want one damned day that I don’t feel like shit. Is that too much to ask?

Sick Days

Elizabeth and I had some “Quality Time” yesterday at home, since she was still running a fever from the weekend, and I, by default, get to stay home with her. Normally it doesn’t bother me at all, but guess who started feeling MUCH better right around the time that both of us should have been […]