The Great Kindergarten Round-up

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Today is Orientation Day for Elizabeth?s kindergarten. Kindergarten.

Didn?t she just start walking? When did this happen?

I?m still trying to sort out how I feel about this whole ?growing up? thing that Elizabeth is bound and determined to do. I?ve already been told by her that she wants to ride the bus to school, not to be driven, and that I?m not invited. BabyDaddy or I will still drive her to school on the first day, most likely, because she seems a little thrown by the concept that we can?t ride the bus with her on the first day. So, she wants us there, but not really. I love 5-year-old logic, it?s almost as good as mine. 🙂

Anyway, I?m suitably attired for Stepford Wives? Territory with my khakis and flowered headband, sans pearls (I thought they might be too much), and Elizabeth in one of her multiple skirts, which is the required uniform of my child anymore (why didn?t anyone tell me how to deal with a girl who?s NOT a tom-boy?), and afterwards I?ll be working from home while I have some activities planned to keep Elizabeth busy.

Wish me luck that I don?t stick out like a sore thumb in Buckhead-land.

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