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This morning was the first morning that Elizabeth allowed me to drop her off at the front doors of her school instead of walking her into class. I?ve been looking forward to this day since she started Kindergarten, because I thought it was the next step in her growing up to be able to do simple things like get to class by herself, and we?ve been talking about January being the cut-off for me walking with her.

Yesterday, which was her first day back after Winter Break, I walked her half-way. Today, I parked and walked her to the front door. Tomorrow, we try pulling up and dropping off from the car. I?ve disabled the Child-Lock on her car door, and at times, she tries to convince me that she doesn?t need her booster seat. All the time, I see less and and less of the baby and more and more of the kid in her, which generally makes me happy.

But, today, walking back to my car after a quick hug and a blown kiss from her, I just felt sad. My little girl is really, officially, growing up. Here?s to hoping that I don?t wreck the car tomorrow on Peachtree because of the tears after we try the drop-off from the car.

BTW, I think I broke another Seal to set off the Apocalypse on Sunday? I bought a sewing machine.

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