His soul?s up on the roof now

George Carlin died yesterday. From the 7 Words to his stint on Thomas the Tank Engine, this man never ceased to amaze me. I felt like I was getting away with something during the brief times that I was allowed to watch his stand-up when I was younger. Pretty much, his wikipedia entry covers everything […]

Are There Any Latch-Key Kids in 2008?

While the Insane Mommy Brain? jumps to the forefront of my thoughts more often than not as Elizabeth gets older, I?m always a little freaked out by hearing that parents are getting shit from other parents because they?re allowing their kids to be independent. Seriously, what in the hell is wrong with us? What happened […]

Shhh? It?s Too Quiet

It?s just shy of a week without Elizabeth in the house and off having fun in Alien-land. The house, she is Sooooo Quiet. Since my parents showed up back at the beginning of the month, I?ve gotten to see three movies, two of which I saw this weekend (Caspian and Hulk, for those who care). […]