Multi-Genre Author

Through the Lens

writing as A.E. Hansford

About Through the Lens

Cassandra Nichols was devastated after she broke up with her cheating ex boyfriend. With her heart in shambles and her ability to trust ground into the dirt, she didn’t think she could possibly find love again—until David Travers came along.

David is a former FBI agent now teaching with the U.S. Marshalls in South Georgia, and he knows what he wants in a woman. So when he meets Cassie while she’s working at the local bookstore, he knows exactly what his next mission will be. There’s something about her smile that awakens a passion inside of him that he cannot resist, and he will do anything to make her his own.

But David isn’t the only one interested in Cassie.

Someone has been stalking Cassie, photographing her, and leaving these images around her work.

What begins as an unsettling incident escalates until Cassie finds herself in a life and death struggle with an obsessed, psychopathic killer who will stop at nothing to satisfy his depraved lust for blood.

Fast-paced, character-driven, and gripping until the last page, “Through the Lens” is a stand alone romantic suspense novel that will keep you reading deep into the night.