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Category: write365

flash fiction

Some Days – a Vignette

I came across a quote, “Love is friendship set on fire” somewhere out in the world, and tonight it just brought this scene to mind. While just a bit of flash fiction, I think I might have to come back to this character, as she seems to have much more to say.   Some days I can forget you. Some days I can forget the fact that from the moment I saw you I knew

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Checking In

So many things going on lately – I just realized that I hadn’t posted any updates for #write365. I’ve been going back through and revising piecemeal on the Romantic Suspense, but it’s been quite minimal. Still better than the alternative, right? Work has been… well, work. I did start a Google Drive to throw the random prompts that I come across into… while I’ve got my long-form Nanowrimo idea doc already, most of those aren’t

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Day Two – Do Estimates Count as Writing?

Things have been crazy today – We started with a heavy snow layer that sat upon the ice that had come in yesterday, then seeing those elusive blue skies and bright sunshine to start the thawing out process. We’re finishing out the day here in Atlanta going back below freezing just so we can wake up to not-great roads for another day. Meanwhile, I was working. I wish I could say that I knocked out

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