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Through the Lens by A.E. Hansford book cover

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Through the Lens by A.E. Hansford book cover

2020 Thoughts

So here we are, sitting on the cusp of 2020. Or, should I say, here I sit, drinking coffee, trying to wrap my head around the last year, let alone the last decade.

Some Days – a Vignette

I came across a quote, "Love is friendship set on fire" somewhere out in the world, and tonight it just brought this scene to mind. While just a bit of flash fiction, I think I might have to come back to this character, as she seems to have much more to say.  ...

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I’ve had a personal blog on and off since 2003, which I’ve imported here for not only posterity, but to talk about all of the things that interest me, whether writing-related or not.
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