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Amber Hansford

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Romantic Suspense

writing as A.E. Hansford

Through The Lens by A.E. Hansford

Through the Lens

After kicking out her cheating ex-boyfriend, Cassandra Nichols wants to focus on healing her shattered heart in the beautiful Golden Isles of Georgia. All that changes the second she receives the first instant photo from a sinister stranger. More pictures quickly follow, each more threatening than the last. But this twisted game of cat and mouse isn’t new, and Cassie isn’t the stalker’s first victim. His hands are soaked with the blood of his previous victims, and he’s eagerly counting the seconds until he can add Cassie to his growing body count.

YA Contemporary Romance

writing as Amber Hansford

Second-Hand Obsessions

CeeCee wants to be a Record Producer, much to her father’s chagrin. So when a Kpop idol from one of the hottest bands about to break into the American market shows up in her family’s studio, she never expects to fall head-over-heels for him.

2020 Thoughts

So here we are, sitting on the cusp of 2020. Or, should I say, here I sit, drinking coffee, trying to wrap my head around the last year, let alone the last decade.

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Recently on the Blog

I’ve had a personal blog on and off since 2003, which I’ve imported here for not only posterity but to talk about all of the things that interest me, whether writing-related or not.

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