Giddy Like a Little School Girl

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I was driving up to Atlanta, content to have a nice relaxing weekend up at my grandmother’s, when I get this voicemail on my cell saying that I’ve been shortlisted for a job up here, and could I interview on Monday.


Other than the fact that I went a little stressed and freaked out when I realized that not only did I not bring any “interview” clothes, but I also didn’t bring my portfolio with me, and it’s 5 1/2 hours of a drive back to my house from Atlanta. So, today I spent the time either going through my aunt’s closet with her, finding a suitable outfit for the interview, or running out all over Greater DeKalb County in search of a portfolio, good paper and enough toner to replace the printing out of my portfolio off of my aunt’s printer.

So now I’m sitting at my aunt’s computer, watching my portfolio print piece by piece, hoping that I don’t screw this up on Monday. I’m still a little stressed, but I have an outfit, I have accessories, and I will have a full portfolio by suppertime… now I just have to survive a little longer.

Wish me luck… I think I might need it.

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