I’m back…. I’m tired… I’ll write more tomorrow. Oh, you didn’t think I’d leave y’all hanging, did you? The interview went EXTREMELY well, and I’ll be finding out this week if I need to plan to be living in Atlanta by the end of the month.

Evil or Not

Ugh, do you know how much I disliked waking up this morning and coming into work? Yeah, that much. But something interesting happened while I was out yesterday. One of the guys that I work with decided to yank my boss’s chain by saying that I was probably over at Mr. Big’s New Company. See, […]


It’s between me and one other person for the job. Damn, I’m shaking.

Son of Random Bullet List?

I know that there’s a couple of blog posts floating around my head, but I just can’t think straight enough to get them down here. I think that it means it’s time for the famous (or infamous) Random Bullet List? to rear its head again. I really, really, really want to go to Blogher this […]