Day Late, Dollar(s) Short

The birthdays/a> were good, if mellow… Other than the fact that yesterday I completely blanked about my weekly posting to blogher like I wanted to do. I made up for it this morning, though, so, hey, I’m only a day late. I’m working on not only the...

Humpity-Humpity-Hump Day

Today is the day of forgetfulness. I’ve forgotten so many things this morning, and it’s not even 9am. Let’s see, shall we? I forgot to do some of Elizabeth’s laundry last night, so she had to wear short socks this morning. Why is this a...

I Got Nothing

Woot! My site’s not blocked at work! But, I’ve got nothing. The commute to Marietta was nothing… Elizabeth had a decent morning getting to school… Nothing. What’s up in y’all’s world today?

Looking Up

It looks as though this contract will be a week or two longer than they’d originally expected, as their site isn’t in all that great of shape. Whoever they’d got to do the site originally had no idea how to do much of anything. So more work for me,...

Road Trip

Well, I’m off to South Georgia to pick up some more stuff that we’ve left down there, and to go to a follow-up appointment with my dentist. Y’all have fun, and I’ll try to post something while I’m down there.