Humpity-Humpity-Hump Day

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Today is the day of forgetfulness. I’ve forgotten so many things this morning, and it’s not even 9am.

Let’s see, shall we?

I forgot to do some of Elizabeth’s laundry last night, so she had to wear short socks this morning. Why is this a problem? Because if she wears short socks, she can’t wear her boots Thorunn bought for her that she adores. Fight ensues this morning because of this.
I walked out of the house, locking the door, forgetting my travel mug full of coffee goodness that I explicitly poured for the commute to Marietta. Fight ensues with Elizabeth because she was already at the car when I remembered it.
I meant to bring my copy of Noah’s CD for one of the ladies that I work with to listen to, thinking she might like it and come out to see him play when he comes to Atlanta next weekend.
I meant to send myself the files from where I’m working on for starting up a refresh atlanta site, so I could try uploading them from work, since my laptop seems to not want to talk to the server that’s hosting the site.

Happy Fucking Hump Day… hopefully I can actually remember something without too much trouble today.

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