Thank Gawd for the Meds

May 30, 2006 | archived | 0 comments

My mother picked up my Trileptal on her way up to Atlanta this weekend, and it was a god-send. I could finally take my regular dose of meds, which has improved everything around here. I seem to be able to concentrate on something for more than a few seconds, and other than the dizziness of going back to a regular dose, I’ve been ok.

Today was Elizabeth’s first day back at daycare, so both of us were a little cranky having to wake up early, but we both got up and moving at a relatively timely manner. Now, she’s at school, and I’m seriously tempted to take a little nap on the couch, other than I’m finishing up my guru job, and having to work up some comps for my second one, and get a project plan together for a third. They’re all small projects, but they’re still something. I’m also waiting to hear back from a recruiting company about a three-month contract with a job in Dunwoody, which will definitely be a good thing to help out with money.

So, at least at the moment, things are definitely looking up. How’s your week treating you?

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