Traffic God(s)

Dear Traffic God(s), Could I ask you one favor, please? See, I spent almost 2 hours in traffic coming home yesterday, and I’m asking that not happen again, if you wouldn’t mind. I understand that they are expanding 400, but damn, there wasn’t a real reason for everyone to be stopped dead while going South […]


Maybe it’s the fact that I wouldn’t have taken the contract if I didn’t need the money, but hell, yesterday was a complete waste of my time and their money. You would think that a super-large company would have their shit together enough if they pushed and pushed to get a new hire into their […]

First Day

I know I’m harping, but I am starting to feel a little bit of something this morning in regards to this job. Mainly, I don’t want to fuck up. When I leave this job, whenever that is, I want to do it on my terms, not because I stupidedly made a mistake or something. Bah, […]

When it Rains

And for the moment, we’re not talking about the weather. In the last 24 hours, I have gotten three calls from recruiters about jobs, which of course makes me question the contract that I’m supposed to be starting this week. BabyDaddy tells me that I have no reason to feel freaky about this, I need […]

I’m Employed

It’s official. I’m to start at the contract tomorrow morning up in Alpharetta. I just wish I felt more excited about this. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it better than I think I will.

Baby’s Sick

Elizabeth has been sick all day, and I’ve spent the little time that BabyDaddy’s been home from work catching up on all of the things that I had planned to do all day. I’ve thankfully got my mother coming up from St. Marys to watch Elizabeth so I can still go to Virginia this weekend […]

So Amber

Where the fuck have you been? Well, here and there, but I’ve been keeping up with blogher.


I’m irritated. Extremely irritated. Because some people have decided to change their mind because they might be slightly inconvenienced by a responsibility, while it’s perfectly ok for me to be inconvenienced at any time. Bah. Prick.

On Injuries and Damage to Self

Yesterday, BabyDaddy showed up early from work, and it took me a moment to figure out that his shirt was torn in a few places. He had fallen while out surveying into a chain-link fence, and it looked as if a bear had attacked him on his chest and arms. While he was in pain, […]

Hoping against Hope

I’m feeling better, but my silence over here has been more for being too busy to think than anything else. I’m waiting to hear back from a 3-month gig, I’m working on my smaller projects from, and I’m getting an application in the mail from a local college to teach some web and graphic […]