Ah, the beauty of credit cards.

I ended up having to use one of my credit cards to buy groceries today, because yet again, I’m waiting on payments for some of the work that I’ve been doing. I hated to do it, but as BabyDaddy is picky as hell a tad particular about dinner-type food. While I’m happy with Mac ‘n Cheese and Hot Dogs, he’s the type that would rather have Steak and such. Usually, when he gets up on his high-horse in this regard, I make him go out and buy the groceries, but we needed some staples (as in milk, not actual staples), so I broke down and bought some other stuff that we’d need. Of course, as I got up in line, and starting putting stuff on the belt, I realized there’s now chance in hell of this clearing from my bank account, so out came the credit cards.

I try everything in my power not to do this, but it seems like more and more, I’m ending up either putting gas or groceries on the credit cards. That sucks.