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While I’ve been actually getting work in, slowly but surely, I’ve still been stressing because it’s not been a great amount of money that I can keep, making up for all of the lack of money for so long. As soon as it reaches my account, it goes straight back out to bills and other annoying things, like, oh, rent.

So, I’ve still be talking to recruiters about contract work, and one of them called yesterday evening about a short-term contract at a HBCU (Thank you, Tom Joyner, for teaching me that acronym, and damn you, in the same breath, for getting me hooked on “It’s Your World” every morning). Well, I’m going today to fill out the background check information and such, and I’ll be starting next week, most likely. It’s truly a short-term thing, as I’m filling in for someone who’s on extended sick leave, but hell, it’s money, and it’s at a college… it’s a good thing for me.

Now I just have to figure out how the hell to get there on MARTA, as there’s no way in hell I’m driving through Midtown and Downtown every day.

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