Nostalgic is and Nostalgic Does

Y’all really don’t know how thankful I am that it’s Friday. WHile this week has flown by, it’s also been jam-packed with shit to do, and with my current depressive, everything becomes more critical and more intense, because all I really want to do is curl up and watch some mindless TV and read, instead […]

Bullets Does the Body Good

So, as October approaches (a little too fast), I realize how much stuff is going on. And because I’m having problems actually stringing a cognizant sentence together this morning, let’s present it in bullet format, ala the beautiful Zoot. There’s this little annual thing called Boobiethon. Last year I helped out on the photo-editing and […]

Last I Heard…

I’m trying very hard to work my out of this depression that has settled over me lately, but it’s been really hard. Really hard to get anything accomplished, let alone get ahead of the curve. I’ve had so many things pop into my head that I’ve wanted to share with y’all, but actually stopping and […]