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I’m trying very hard to work my out of this depression that has settled over me lately, but it’s been really hard. Really hard to get anything accomplished, let alone get ahead of the curve. I’ve had so many things pop into my head that I’ve wanted to share with y’all, but actually stopping and writing would be too difficult, especially considering some of the topics that I’ve felt that I want to write about.

So, instead, I saw this over at Zoot’s, and thought it was good, mindless fun.

You go to Google and type in your name along with the pharse “last I heard he/she was” and see what you get. Find out what you’re up to these days…

So, I entered Amber “last I heard she was” and here are some of my favorites:

last I heard she was moving to Yorkton.
Hey, Zoot, I guess we’ll be neighbors!
Last I heard, she was queen in Kashfa and she’d ditched Jasrick..
If I had any clue as to what this meant, I’m sure I’d be excited
Last I heard she was in Paris.
Ah, Paree… I love it in the springtime.
Last I heard she was tricking for Uncle Bill.
Hell, how do you think I paid for the trip to Paris?
last I heard she was being written out of the film.
Written out? Where’s my fucking contract?
Last I heard she was designing dresses up the wazoo and looking for a studio downtown.
That sounds painful and expensive.
last I heard, she was going to have a psychological evaluation.
It’s all the trauma from being written out and having to turn tricks
Last I heard she was driving a cab in Staten Island.
Again, it’s a money thing.
Last I heard she was screwing her way around Byron Bay..
again with the turning tricks.
Last I heard she was travelling on a bus with some hippies, selling hemp jewelry.
Phish concerts, here I come.
Last I heard she was running her own wine importing business.
From hippie to yuppie in less than 60 seconds.

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