Bullets Does the Body Good

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So, as October approaches (a little too fast), I realize how much stuff is going on. And because I’m having problems actually stringing a cognizant sentence together this morning, let’s present it in bullet format, ala the beautiful Zoot.

There’s this little annual thing called Boobiethon. Last year I helped out on the photo-editing and donations side, which I just don’t have time for this year, but I just might possibly get the balls to submit photos this year to help out.
Elizabeth’s birthday is the 21st of October. And I have absolutely nothing prepared. GAH!
Halloween. Fucking Halloween. At least Elizabeth’s costume came in the mail yesterday, though I’m afraid to unbox it for fear that pieces and parts will disappear this far away from the actual holiday.
NaNoWriMo is coming, and I need to work out plot details. I want to win again, but I also want something that I’d rather not burn in a funeral pyre just so no one would have to read it once November’s over.

I’ve been really hooked on Jericho, and I think that I’m going to do an apocalyptic piece for NaNo, but then I get distracted and think maybe not.

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