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Nostalgic is and Nostalgic Does

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Y’all really don’t know how thankful I am that it’s Friday. WHile this week has flown by, it’s also been jam-packed with shit to do, and with my current depressive, everything becomes more critical and more intense, because all I really want to do is curl up and watch some mindless TV and read, instead of being a responsible adult.

On the way to the train station this morning after dropping Elizabeth off at school, Lucy (XM Radio “Alt Classics” station) played three songs in a row that automatically brought me back to when the biggest thing I had to worry about was getting a decent grade in college algebra, and for a moment I spaced out. Not “spaced out” as in caused an accident on N. Druid Hills, but as in didn’t feel like a grown-up for a few minutes. It was wonderful. Beyond wonderful, actually.

I’ve written before about how the old saw about wanting to go back to high school never appealed to me, but going back to college is something that I probably wouldn’t turn down. While a lot of shitty things happened then, I still remember more good times than bad, and while there are some things that I wished had turned out differently, on the whole, I really miss the friends and the times themselves from then. While I still talk to most of the people that were important to me back then, it’s different, and not only from geography.

Yeah, I’m feeling a tad nostalgic… blame it on Lucy.

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