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Elizabeth and I had some “Quality Time” yesterday at home, since she was still running a fever from the weekend, and I, by default, get to stay home with her. Normally it doesn’t bother me at all, but guess who started feeling MUCH better right around the time that both of us should have been laying down for a nap?

Yeah, joy of joys. I’ve become terribly familar with how well the futon in the spare room sleeps (not bad at all) during the evening because she just “wants someone to keep company” during the night, and both of us wouldn’t sleep comfortably at all on her bed, especially not when she’s been freaking herself out by coughing in her sleep and throwing up because she gets so scared of it.

Today there was no fever, so other than my child sounding like a TB patient when she coughs, it was a go for her to go back to school, and for me to go back to work. I didn’t think that I’d rather deal with MARTA and work over a sick child who’s starting to feel better, but I did this morning. If nothing other than a bit of blanking out (not really sleep on the train) and quiet… Blessed Quiet.

Yeah, sometimes I’m a crappy Mom. But I’m sure that Elizabeth would rather be with her friends at school than me at this moment.

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