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Working at a college makes me jones just a little more to go back to school. Maybe it’s getting confused for a student occasionally, or just overhearing some of the classes that are going on around me on my floor that does it. I do want to go back to school so badly, but I’m having problems paying my bills already (including the student loans from my BFA), I don’t need to add more stress to the money situation by going back to school full-time, as anything that I want to go for will require me to quit working, at least a regular contract gig. So, I pine for school like a teenager on her first crush.

Yeah, I’m trying to figure out where that came from, too.

Anyway, if when I win the lottery, I’m going back to school. Or, if we can find a cheaper place to rent without going into Crack-land, maybe we can sort something out.

Or, if BabyDaddy’s willing for me to find a SugarDaddy… nah, that would never fly.

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