Party Completed

Oct 23, 2006 | archived | 0 comments

I’m still in a way recovering from the weekend. Elizabeth’s Birthday went well, even though the majority of the kids that we invited from her school didn’t make it. She took it in stride, though, saying to me that she was kind-of sad that they didn’t come, but it was their loss because they didn’t get any cake.

This morning she got to wear some of her new clothes, her new boots and her new Dora backpack, all of which made her so happy to wear into class, and it made me so happy that there were no fights just to get her dressed this morning.

Of course, I’m still about to fall asleep on my keyboard, and I’ve got to leave early today because BabyDaddy’s working up near Augusta today, which means he’ll not be home to get Elizabeth from school.

Maybe I’ll remember to post the photos that I have from the party.

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