Day One – For Lots of Things

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Ok, so my Nano blog is labeled, “Why Do I Do This To Myself?”, right? And, then I went and signed up for NaBloPoMo too, because I hate love myself Just. That. Much.

This morning has already been chock full o’ stress, from finally remembering to get my student loan payment in the mail, then a trip to the bank ATM to deposit checks, go pick up my monthly MARTA card and finally on the train to work. Add that to my normal morning, which usually includes the phrase, “Do you want to be late to school? Ok, then, find your boots.” I was feeling a little bit stressed.

I realized this morning that I completely bailed on CSS Reboot this season, which makes me upset. But with everything else on my plate, I just can’t get that mad about it. I’ve got a bunch of partially complete designs in the hopper, but they will have to wait until I can either take a break from Nano or finish the damned thing.

To all you Nano’ers and to all y’all NaBloPoMo’ers, good luck. And if you’re insane like me and are trying to do both, godspeed to us all.

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