Catching Up With Jericho

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I’m finally getting a chance to catch up with most of my season passes, including Jericho and CSI, since Elizabeth’s decided to listen to her Disney CDs in her room while she’s playing.

I’ve said it before, but I adore post-apocalyptic stories, and Jericho just suits the bill perfectly. I’ve read some not-so-kind reviews of the show, complaining about bad writing and incorrect real-life situations. But you know, I just can’t care, since every time I watch it, it sucks me in completely. And you know, that’s just what I want when it comes to TV. If I wanted to learn something important, I’d watch the Discovery Channel, you know?

Anyway, this is my lame-ass attempt at doing my NaBloPoMo entry after a serious lack of sleep and too much housework today. How’s the weekend treating you?

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