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In Which I Show my New Age-y Roots

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My head isn’t very fond of me this morning.

One of my friends from college, Keith came over for dinner last night, and I drank a little too much. Now, I have a beer with dinner, but we ended up staying up which increased my drinking rate, watching Friday’s Doctor Who episode, and then turned around and watched Young Guns, which I had forgotten has some really cheesy dialogue. I loved that movie when I was younger, and I think I may have ruined my memories of it by watching it in a mood while drinking last night. I also pulled out my Tarot deck on a lark and read for him, and later read for myself after some of the stuff we talked about.

After some of the conversation that Keith and I had last night, I found my weekly horoscope highly amusing:

If you have any outstanding legal issues, Amber, you may get good news regarding the outcome Monday, thanks to the New Moon in Scorpio. Tuesday could bring you an important revelation about your partner from his or her relatives. You also might finalize your plans to visit a country foreign to your own. On Wednesday, the Sun moves into Sagittarius and shines a spotlight in your house of career goals. Jupiter, the planet of luck and bounty, enters into Sagittarius on Thursday and will be in your career sector for one year. Jupiter should bring positive vibrations to you through your career, and you should find yourself climbing to the top of the ladder in your chosen profession very quickly. You could find a lot of happiness and fulfillment coming to you through your career, and you might get your dream job this year. On Friday, a friend might have some good ideas for fun activities he or she would like to do with you. Your friend may suggest taking a workshop on a subject you both enjoy, which could open a lot of doors for you socially and give you a new viewpoint mentally. On Sunday, the Moon conjuncts Neptune and you should find your creative level soaring.

While I’m not holding out any hope, I just might not be unemployed by Christmas if this holds any weight.

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