If Wishes Were Horses…

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When we were drinking chatting on Saturday night, I mentioned that I was disillusioned with Atlanta. He tended to agree, of course he’s got like 12 years on me for living here. I was thinking again about our conversation today when I was replying to an email from a different friend, and I think I’ve got a good list going about where I want to live.

Must be near an ocean.
Must not be completely frozen all winter (i.e., it can snow every-so-often, but not regularly)
Really, I’d love a smaller town than Atlanta, but a bigger one than St. Marys
Reasonable cost-of-living
A decent arts culture is mandatory
A place that I could get a job

I know that there’s more, but this is the big deal-breaker list. It’s not like I’m going to be moving tomorrow or anything, especially since I promised my grandmother that I’d stay in Atlanta for a while, but this is my wish-list, dammit.

If you had to write your wish-list, what would you pick?

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