Black Friday Greetings

Nov 24, 2006 | archived | 0 comments

Today is one of the days that I’ve purposely scheduled to sequester myself away from everyone and everything to work on my Nano novel, though my ‘sequestering’ is more like opening up my Winamp to shuffle through my mp3s, headphones on, and sitting on the couch in the living room. My mother’s still in town, so she’s reading while Elizabeth spins like a top all around the house, causing far too much damage similar to a toy store exploding in my house.

Fun times, man. Fun times.

I wish everybody luck and non-injury while dealing with the Black Friday crowds today, if that’s your thing. I worked too many of these days when I was in retail, so I traditionally avoid anything to do with going out to a store outside of the stray convenience store or liquor store.

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