I Get to Wear Pretty Shoes Again

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Day One at the Marietta gig seems to be going well, though driving to work versus using MARTA took a little bit of getting used to this morning. I forgot exactly how bad 85 can get going south, though I’m only on it for two miles to get to 75 North. But, I also don’t have a mile walk from the train station to campus, which rocks because I don’t have to wear ‘sensible’ shoes anymore.

Gotta love Atlanta, where you have to go South to get North.

So now I’m waiting for the site to synchronize before I can make any of the changes that they need. I’m thinking I’ll be done before the end of the week, but who knows… C., my boss here, also seems to be trying to find things for me to do to keep me around a while.

Of course, I probably shouldn’t have stayed up late last night, but I finally got over 4k done in one day on my Nano novel yesterday.

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