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I want to send out a joyous ?Happy Mother?s Day? to everyone.

What is my special plans for Mother?s Day? Well, I?m at work, basically playing ?put out fires? for the day because of a major sporting event that?s finishing up today. And, just to make matters a little more interesting, I volunteered for this gig today.

I had actually forgotten that today is Mother?s Day when I signed up for this shift, all I was trying to do is make things a little easier on the church-goers that I work with by taking the Sunday shift. I didn?t realize my mistake until it was too late to back out.

On a nice note, though, I did get to go out to Emeril?s Atlanta last night. While BabyDaddy and I took advantage of one of his sister?s accomodating Elizabeth for an overnight so we could go out and see Spiderman 3, we ended up missing the show and just taking our leisurely time at the restaurant. Great service and wonderful food won out over Tobey McGuire and Topher Grace, I?m not ashamed to say.

Does that mean I?m getting old?

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