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Life is completely kicking my ass at the moment. Big Ol? Redesign at Big Ol? News is kicking my ass. Trying to keep up with blog posts over at my other blogs, along with just making them worthwhile to read is kicking my ass. Trying to keep up with everything else is kicking my ass. Wanting one day that my head doesn?t feel like it?s about to split open to release the Alien hibernating there is kicking my ass.

It?s not helping that my boss gave me a link to where I can watch Dr. Who?s Third Season, along with Torchwood? while worthwhile to watch, it?s a time-sucker in the extreme.

Elizabeth flies off to Alien-World in a week with my mother, off to visit my stepfather for two weeks. Child-free for Two. Whole. Weeks. I?m still trying to figure out what wild and adult things to do with that time, other than just go and see a movie. Or maybe even a couple of movies.

Yep, I?m sad wild and crazy, let me tell you.

I did just finish the first three books by Jim Butcher in the Dresden Files series, which I?ve been wanting to write about. And then, of course, there was the Season Four Premiere of the 4400 this past Sunday (read my recap here), and then Jericho got renewed for 7 episodes, and of course, don?t forget Dr. Who and Torchwood taking up a lot of my spare time. I?ve been trying to avoid the computer once I get home, more because staring at positioning elements in CSS all day makes me want to kick the first computer I see when I get home.

Bah, I need a vacation.

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