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Efficiency Vs. Procrastination

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Where the hell did the weekend go? Oh yeah?

Friday –

Went to my first-ever MLB (Braves vs. Tigers) game, thanks to last-minute tickets given to me by one of my coworkers. BabyDaddy was a little confused that I had any interest in baseball, but I knew that Elizabeth would enjoy it, but there would need to be someone there who didn?t care all that much if they missed most of the game amusing her.

Saturday –

Cleaned. It really doesn?t sound like much, but you should have seen my house.

Sunday –

Up to Cumming to visit with BabyDaddy?s family, where Elizabeth got to play with her cousin in his wading pool for most of the day, and then got upset when it was time to leave, because?
My mother drove up from South Georgia to stay with us and help me get Elizabeth together for Elizabeth and her to fly out at the Crack O?Dawn on Wednesday for Two. Whole. Weeks. of child-free time for moi.

And now it?s Monday, again? and I?ve got my hands full for the rest of the day with work-type stuff. BabyDaddy and one of his sisters are going to the Braves game tonight, so it?ll just be me, my mother and Elizabeth. Who knows, maybe I?ll get her all packed up so I?m not running around all night Tuesday doing it.

Nah, I know me. I thrive off of stress, which is why I procrastinate so much.

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