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Childless for the Duration

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This morning I got up at 4 a.m. and took my mother and Elizabeth to the airport, sending them off for two weeks to the Land of the Aliens (AKA Roswell, NM) to spend some time with my stepfather. Last night, Elizabeth got a little weepy because she said that she?d miss me, but this morning, between the lack of real sleep and the amazement at the Atlanta airport, she seemed to have held up better, holding onto one of the bags that my mother was carrying to check in as I pulled away. While I haven?t gotten weepy yet, there is a heart-string being pulled simply because my daughter?s in the air currently, going thousands of miles away from me.

Not to say that I?m also, at the same, a little giddy at the thought that I don?t have to watch Disney Channel for two weeks. Or the fact that I have the ability to go out and see Fantastic Four tonight, without having to plan more than 24 hours in advance.

So, I?m suffering from a little sadness that she?s gone for a while, and happy that I can have some ?grownup? time.

Ah, well? off to work.

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