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Sometimes I?m Happy, Sometimes I?m Sad

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I?m trying to figure out how I feel about the fact that I?m at work this morning, instead of still sleeping in my oh-so-comfy bed. It?s nice that it wasn?t an issue at all about getting here this morning, as traffic was almost non-existent, and it?s nice that everything?s so quiet at the moment.

But then again, I am at work. On a holiday. While BabyDaddy preps to take Elizabeth to Zoo Atlanta for the day. And while it?s quiet at the moment, I have far too many things to get completed today for the coming weekend?s tournament to be able to sit back and goof off. Bah.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone, and hug/kiss/acknowledge in some fashion your vets. Here?s a photo of Papaw, taken in 1943, probably in Kansas City. Papaw?s the one that?s taller, and I?m not exactly sure who John Henry Arnold is, but I adore just how young they both look. Papaw was just at 20 when this photo was taken, and it was before he got shipped off to the European Theater, where he ended up with a good chunk of shrapnel in his leg by the time he was done over there.

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