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I?m trying to play catch-up on everything that I?ve wanted to comment on but haven?t had the chance in the last couple weeks, but I wanted the Great and Powerful Interwebs to know that, yes, I?m still alive.

Work is trying to kill me, I think. While the ?paperwork?s in? for me to go permanent, I?m still officially contract, which is nice since they have to jump through some massive hoops to get me to have overtime, but for the 40 hours a week that I am here, I get barely a moment to breathe. I?m terribly happy that my boss is a smoker, at least, so no one gives me grief about cigarette breaks.

Most of my spare time has been taken over by the other blogs, in particular the 4400 blog. And television. I used to be a little upset when summer rolled around, because of the lack of good television, but I really can?t say that anymore. Between the 4400, Eureka, Burn Notice and So You Think You Can Dance (yeah, blame that last one on when I worked at Blogher writing about TV – I got hooked), my Tivo isn?t screaming in pain, but it?s close to full all the time, which is a wonderful thing during the summer.

What else am I excited about? Well, there?s this little book coming out this weekend, that I have a strange feeling, once it is delivered to my doorstep, I?ll be completely engrossed with for a while. So I probably should go ahead and get some ?publish to the future? posts out there for both Jericho and 4400.

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