Mommy Bloggers Unite!

Maybe I?ll either a) get a spare moment at work or b) have my internet back on this evening at home (really long story) to be able to tell y?all about how I went to a Mommy Bloggers Meet-up (sponsored by the National Dairy Council) at Super Suppers in Decatur last night and had a […]

The Great Mofo De-Lurk 2007 – Or, Would It Kill Ya to Comment?

Do you know what today is? Well, if it wasn?t for Zoot, I probably would have completely forgotten,because I suffer from ?Oh, Shiny!? moments far too often myself. I was tempted to just leave the icon to the left as my post for today, because my head feels like it just might explode off the […]

Back in the Saddle Again

I?m slowly getting back into a rhythm when it comes to writing and other things. Well, really doing anything outside of work-related things. Which is part of the reason why you see a new theme here (if you?re not on a feed reader, that is). Of course, this is (hopefully) just a temporary one, as […]