Back in the Saddle Again

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I?m slowly getting back into a rhythm when it comes to writing and other things. Well, really doing anything outside of work-related things. Which is part of the reason why you see a new theme here (if you?re not on a feed reader, that is). Of course, this is (hopefully) just a temporary one, as I am actually working on something more appropriate for the month of Boobiethon (don?t worry, it?ll still be work-safe).

I?ve also started gathering ideas for this year?s NaNoWriMo novel, along with actually breaking out my sketchpad to help out Elizabeth?s Kindergarten teacher, which felt really nice to be drawing again.

You?ll also see that I?ve added a new plugin up at the top of the rail called ?Miniposts?. I?ve always felt silly for not posting something because I think one to two line posts are kind of a waste, and I think this will be a neat new toy.

Who knows, maybe I?ll actually start blogging more than once or twice a month again. Stranger things have happened.

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