The Great Mofo De-Lurk 2007 – Or, Would It Kill Ya to Comment?

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Do you know what today is? Well, if it wasn?t for Zoot, I probably would have completely forgotten,because I suffer from ?Oh, Shiny!? moments far too often myself.

I was tempted to just leave the icon to the left as my post for today, because my head feels like it just might explode off the top of my head at the moment, but I figured if I?m asking y?all to comment, I should make a passable effort at actually, ya know, writing something. And if y?all don?t want to just go and say hi in the comments, I thought I?d put together a little list o? conversation starters here.

All things considered, should I start up a Dead Pool for the New TV Season? Because, you know, I actually like a couple of the shows that premiered last week, which is an automatic cancellation notice in some circles.
I need some interesting comment contest ideas for my other blogs. Got any suggestions? (Keep it clean, guys)
Is it a bad thing that I?m starting to not feel intimidated by the Scary PTA ladies anymore at school functions for Elizabeth? Or does that just mean that I?m turning into a Stepford, as my friend Keith suggests?
What really rhymes with orange?

Ok, have at it. I need to grab some more Advil.

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