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It floods.

Oh, Georgia may still be in a drought, but my bathroom was filled to the brim with water when I came home from work today, as the toilet tank has a gorgeously long crack that runs from the top right corner of the tank to mid-way where the tank attaches to the bowl and under that connection.

After using up all the towels in the house and some of my dish towels to sop up the mess, and a long call to the land-lady?s personal assistant (I do live in Buckhead, y?all) she?s calling the land-lady and getting someone in to see if they even still make the color of that toilet still and if not, finding out what we can do to get me two functioning toilets again as soon as humanly possible. For anyone that has been to my house, you know that my bathroom is an interesting shade of pink/brown, with the sink, tub and toilet matching the tile.

So, there?s a large mixing bowl sitting under the edge of the tank, and soaked towels and bathroom rug in my tub, and I?m exhausted from cleaning my bathroom. Of course, this had to happen just after my mother flew back to Alien-land and BabyDaddy is in Mississippi for the whole week.

Happy Fucking Monday.

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