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The Haves and the Have-Nots

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I was off of work on Friday because they?ve laid a moratorium on overtime at Big Ol? Company, so while I was doing the dishes that have been glaring at me over the week, I saw that BabyDaddy got dropped off from being in NC all week.

Him getting dropped off from the work truck isn?t the best news, I?ve come to realize, because he got laid off.

All of their field guys got laid off, as the company that bankrolled his fledgling company hasn?t paid them in months, and owes the company somewhere in the vicinity of $600,000. BabyDaddy?s boss decided that until they get that money, or they get more money in some other way, the best thing to do would be to lay all the field guys off so they can at least receive unemployment until they either get back on their feet or get another gig somewhere else.

To say that I?m slipping just a little more into a depressive state would be an understatement. The last week hasn?t been the easiest for me, watching the two places that I wanted to rent to get out of this house go off the market, the whole toilet tank cracking a couple weeks back, and my own exhaustion with my Contract-That-Never-Ends at Big Ol? Company have already slipped me down to my original ?Atlanta Sucks? frame of mind, not to mention the fact that it?s so horribly cold up here I question the idea of moving up here two years ago as something that actually improved my life.

Don?t get me wrong, it?s not all bad up here. I love Elizabeth?s school with a passion bordering on obsessive, which I know from seeing and experiencing school down in Camden County as something I would have never felt down there, and there is always another gig for either BabyDaddy or I to pick up up here, where it would be questionable down there, but I?m tired. I?m tired of things starting to look up, and all of a sudden something smacks me back down to remind me that I will probably never truly feel stable again. We live right at the edge of Buckhead, which makes me always a little hyper-aware of the Haves and the Have-Nots, and I?m sick of being on the Have-Nots side more often than not.

The lottery rolled last night, which makes me happy though, as I forgot to buy tickets. Who knows, maybe I can end up directly on the Haves side of the fence.

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