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The Bad – Elizabeth is home from school today because she woke up in the middle of the night with some stomach bug, which is currently wreaking havoc on her system.

The Good – BabyDaddy gets to stay home with her and I get to go to work, missing out on all the puke-tastic fun.

The Good – I got my delicious Green LG enV yesterday.

The Bad – I went to call Elizabeth?s school to let them know that she wasn?t going to be in today, and had to deal with Verizon tech support because it wouldn?t let me call out this morning.

The Mildly Irritating – The enV doesn?t have a place for a phone charm to hang, which means I can?t have my Tardis charm on my phone any longer.

The Bad – I opened up my ticket queue this morning after getting to work to see in excess of 20+ tickets assigned to myself, and under 10 assigned to the other webmaster.

The Good – With the overtime moratorium, they?ll get their fixes when they get their fixes, and I really can?t care.

The Bad – The rental house that I fell in love with (again) is off the market, again.

The Good – We?re going to sign a new lease on Monday for Current House, which while mildly irritating in some respects, means at least we?ll have a roof over our heads.

The Bad – I didn?t win the Mega Millions Lottery

The Good – I did win $7 from my ticket, and it rolled, so maybe next time.

How?s this week been treating y?all?

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