The Tornado

Nope, that?s not some war-torn third world country, that?s Cabbagetown in Downtown Atlanta, taken last night after a tornado tore through there. Cabbagetown seems to be hit the worse, partially because it was the main residential area to be hit (The Dome/CNN Center got hit hard as well – during a basketball game at the […]

An Exercise in Patience

This is the first year that I have to get an emissions test on the Equinox, and man, the day I?ve had? Yes, I?m the slacker that waited until the week prior to my birthday to remember that I needed an emissions test, but I didn?t know that it would take me going to four […]

The Flu Invades

I seem to only be able to post here when Elizabeth?s sick lately, and I?m not sure why. The Flu has invaded Elizabeth?s Kindergarten class, and she?s been out of school since Monday afternoon when we were asked to come and get her. When I spoke to the lady in the office, she said that […]