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I seem to only be able to post here when Elizabeth?s sick lately, and I?m not sure why.

The Flu has invaded Elizabeth?s Kindergarten class, and she?s been out of school since Monday afternoon when we were asked to come and get her. When I spoke to the lady in the office, she said that there were already 6 other kids out in just Elizabeth?s class that day.

What sucks about this whole thing was that yesterday was her class?s field trip to go and see Seussical that Musical, which Elizabeth?s been so excited about. Instead of going to see that, though, she got to sit in the waiting room for the doctor. And today is their Smart Start program finale, which she?s missing as well.

She is getting better, though if you ask her, she?s not and will never feel better again. Of course, she?s my child, so Drama Queen is a little easy to fall into. She?ll probably be going to school tomorrow, and then have Friday off for a teacher workday, a birthday party for a friend?s 5-year-old on Saturday, and lastly a party for BabyDaddy and I on Sunday at my grandmother?s house for our upcoming birthdays.

At least she got sick at the beginning of the week than the end of the week.

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