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An Exercise in Patience

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This is the first year that I have to get an emissions test on the Equinox, and man, the day I?ve had?

Yes, I?m the slacker that waited until the week prior to my birthday to remember that I needed an emissions test, but I didn?t know that it would take me going to four different emissions stations to be able to finally have the certificate saying that I passed. See, there?s this software update for particular cars (while that article only talks about the Prius problems, this effects my ?05 Equinox and some new Explorers as well) that won?t be issued by the state to all of the emissions testing facilities until June or July of this year. I went to three places before breaking down and calling the Clean Air Force Commission and asking if they had any facility in my general area that would be able to take my car, and found a place off of Cheshire Bridge Road (Precision Tune Autocare, if you?re interested) that they said could handle it. I call them up and they said that they could give it a try, though they didn?t think that they had this software update yet. I get there, and the place is great to me. The woman behind the counter wouldn?t enter me into the system until the tech hooked up my car, and the tech himself was wonderful, explaining the software update, and letting me know before he began the test that if his system couldn?t handle it, the other Precision Tune up on Buford Hwy usually could handle the cars that they couldn?t.

Thank Gawd, it worked? though it wasn?t because of the computer, it?s because he did the Two Speed Idle Emission Test instead, which got me a certificate and got me out the door without wanting to kill someone.

So, my tags should be good to go, not for the State of Georgia in their infinite wisdom not making sure that their software be readily available for these 2005 vehicles which are screwed until that update comes out.

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