Bob Asprin 1946-2008

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Bob Asprin, originally uploaded by dene foye.

While aged, this is a perfect representation of how I remember Bob Asprin from when I was a child. Sitting around, guitar in hand, though the Irish Whiskey isn’t in the shot, from my memories, it was close at hand.

As I got older, and as we moved around, I found his books, and could finally put an amazing story to the songs I grew up with. The Thieves World Musical is one of those things that seemed to finally make sense to me, outside of the fact that I loved those songs simply because I wouldn’t get in trouble for swearing if I was singing along to “Hell Hounds”.

Later, running into him at a con as a teenager, he pissed me off royally, just being himself.

“You’re too old to be Dinah’s Daughter.” Exit, Stage Left.

Yeah, and you’re looking not-so-hot yourself, Bob, thanks.

Come to think of it, that was the last time I spoke to him. I know that he was at Dragoncon last year, but I never did run into him unlike my party because of my commitments. Now I wish I had, because while he could get under your skin without much effort on his part, he was still a good person. And a damned great writer.

Rest in peace, Bob. I’m off to TimeGate this weekend, and I’ll make sure to have a drink for you.


While I’m seeing all kinds of Memoriams out on the Great and Powerful Interwebs, Patty sums it up pretty nicely and reminded me of things I’d forgotten here.

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