Shhh? It?s Too Quiet

Jun 18, 2008 | archived | 0 comments

It?s just shy of a week without Elizabeth in the house and off having fun in Alien-land.

The house, she is Sooooo Quiet.

Since my parents showed up back at the beginning of the month, I?ve gotten to see three movies, two of which I saw this weekend (Caspian and Hulk, for those who care). We even got to go over to a friend?s house and hang out without waiting for the inevitable tears and screams that happen whenever you get children around each other? oh, they still happened at our friends?, but I didn?t have to go running for once to see if it was my child in tears or causing another child to cry for once.

All that being said, though? I still miss coming home and getting a hug and a cry of ?Mommy!? every day. At times I look at the calendar and curse that we have so little ?grown-up? time left, and in the same instance, look forward to her getting back more than anything.

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