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Things have been absolutely hectic at work, which has made everything else in my life suffer because of that. As things seem to be relatively calm for the moment (in two weeks, it?ll be hell again, but that?s another story), I thought, What the hell, I?ll see if I can even remember my password to the blog. And, since receiving a lovely baby announcement from the Wonderful Zoot yesterday, I thought, hmm? maybe I should be blogging again.

So let?s sum up with a few Random Bullets?, cause you know I love them.

Elizabeth starts First Grade on Monday. When the hell did that happen?
On the plus side, I?ve got all her school supplies in order? on the negative side, I really need to sit down and cull out her clothing that is either too small or not appropriate for school.
Our landlady (whom I?ve never actually met) sent a real estate agent by a week or so ago to appraise the house. Her assistant, on letting me know she?d be by, made a point in telling me that they weren?t trying to sell the house out from under us, but looking at her options once our lease is up on March 1. That?s pretty much telling me that I need to find a new place to live before the lease is up.
Elizabeth starts First Grade on Monday. Seriously, why didn?t anyone warn me that was going to sneak up?
We?ve got to head over to her school tomorrow for orientation and to find out where her new classroom is.
I?ve gotten hooked on the Twilight books, much to my chagrin.
I?ve also gotten hooked on the Dark Hunter books, though I still refer to them as Porn with a Plot.
I?ve given up on Twitter and am now spending a little time on plurk.
Dragoncon seriously snuck up on me. But, I?ve got a room in the host hotel, and we?re thinking of maybe having Elizabeth skip it this year to spend some time with her cousin. Which may just save a bit of my sanity that weekend.
Big Ol? Sports is kinda chapping my ass lately? but I?m going to keep that an Un-Bloggable Issue for a while.

I?m sure there?s more, but my brain?s a little scattered from the sinus meds that the wonderful world of living inside the perimeter of Metro Atlanta causes.

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