Nano 2008 – Want to help me out?

So, I?m trying to get set up for Nanowrimo 2008, and I?ve already hit a block? trying to figure out a plot. Want to help me out by giving me your opinions over here on my Nano blog?

BabyDaddy?s New Plan

I?ve been relatively silent on this, mainly because I?m still sorting out my feelings and thoughts on this topic. BabyDaddy has a New Plan, and that plan involves him joining the Army Reserves. In fact, this morning he was down at MEPS getting his ?old-man? physical (his words, not mine) to see if he can […]

I Survived Dragoncon

While I survived, I?m still recovering from sleep deprivation. Remind me to never sign on for being on two different track staffs again. The lack of sleep is killing me.