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I?ve been relatively silent on this, mainly because I?m still sorting out my feelings and thoughts on this topic.

BabyDaddy has a New Plan, and that plan involves him joining the Army Reserves. In fact, this morning he was down at MEPS getting his ?old-man? physical (his words, not mine) to see if he can get an age waiver to get in.

What?s going through his blasted mind, I can hear some of y?all say across the Great and Powerful Interwebs? well, unemployment insurance that?s quickly running out seems to be his driving force in this idea. And while I can understand, and damned if I can?t approve of another income coming into the house, the idea that he?s going to have the more than likely possibility of having to get deployed out to Iraq or Afghanistan makes me twitch, to say the least. The job market for surveying is awful in Metro Atlanta, but I can?t help but think that there?s got to be SOMETHING out there that doesn?t involve the possibility of being shot at.

So, yeah? I?m conflicted? but I?m also getting a little stressed at carrying all of the weight of our bills as well. We?ll see how it goes, though. I mean, it could end up that his steel toe (replacement joint in his foot) or something else comes up that prevents him from getting the waiver at all.

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